To give us our full and official name, we are the Allgäuer Sennereien & Käsegroßhandlung Albert Herz GmbH, and have been based at our modern head office in Kimratshofen, a suburb of Altusried in Bavaria/Germany, since 2003. Everything under one roof: administration, quality assurance, development and marketing to state-of-the-art production systems for cheese ripening and packaging. Since 2010, a new production building has complemented our head office, where we now also have a number of state-of-the-art packaging lines in operation.
How we see ourselves: everything is always different at Herz. We are always open to trends such as cheese with unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, and innovative packaging solutions. We closely observe customer wishes so we can always extend and optimise our product range. The best cheese for good customers. That’s our motto.

Facts and figures:

Founded in: 1839
Employees: approx. 90
Turnover: approx. € 50 million/year
Production: approx. 14,000 tonnes/year

The future of Herz-Käse 
began in 1839.

Tradition and future are inextricably linked together at Herz-Käse. Ever since the company was founded by Ottmar Herz in 1839, the cheese and service provided by our company have been known by the name of Herz. We live our values: tradition, a love of our home, and pragmatism. And we live the future. We deliberately talk about being a company, and not an operation. Doing something proactively rather than just running it – that is our understanding of existing on a market through consistency.
In retrospect, much revolves around annual figures, and snapshots become the whole picture. Although individual events may seem insignificant, considered together they are an important testimony to the company’s history. 

More about the history of Herz-Käse

Allgäu. Our roots
create quality.

The desire for regionality is a sign of our times. Globalisation is resulting in an increasing desire in people for regional references. And globalisation isn’t going to stop, not at any country or any product. A natural product in particular lives by its identity, its roots. Our Allgäu is known for its agricultural tradition. For centuries, its croplands have been a safe and reliable source of food, especially of milk and cheese. This natural product is part of our self-image and of the self-image of an entire region. The Allgäu tends its original landscape, the gentle undulations of its rich greenery, with vision, where the purest Alpine air and crystal clear mountain water feed our milk.

Unsere heimkompostierbare Käseverpackung räumt Innovationspreis auf der Anuga ab