Sennerei Schweineberg
D-87527 Ofterschwang
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„Our origin means quality.“

Natural Product Allgäu

A signal of our epoch is the need of regionalism. The globalisation creates in people the desire of regional references. And the globalisation will not stop in front of any country or any product. Though especially a natural product exists because of its identity, of its roots. Our Allgäu is known for its agriculture full of tradition. Since centuries its cultivated area is the basis to assured supply of provisions – essentially by milk and cheese. The natural product belongs to our own conception and to the one of a whole region. The Allgäu bewares its very own nature with vision in a soft up and down of its rich green where the purest alpine air and the clearest mountain water feed our milk.

The Allgäu is our future

Therefore no wonder that in Allgäu are produced 25 % of the Bavarian milk and more than the half of the Bavarian hard cheese and a third of the soft cheese. And it is not by chance that with Herz cheese one of the most traditional manufacturies is located right in the hard of the German’s “cheese kitchen”. A home which enduring qualities are well-known far beyond the borders of our region. Chance Allgäu means regional reference for every consumer from Kempten in the south to Kiel in the north and from Zurich to Milan. To communicate duly this chance is our future.